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TopFlite’s cornerstone to its M&M Connector™ series is the MR1 Receptacle & MP1 Plug Micro Connector series. This series utilizes standard UN style thread mating, features the smallest package TopFlite offers for its connector lines, and can be made in variety of styles and finishes. Like all of TopFlite’s M&M Connector™ series, these are 100% intermatable with Glenair Mighty Mouse® and Amphenol 2M connectors. Plug connectors can be purchased with standard or hex style coupling nuts and with standard or anti-decoupling mating styles. Further, the customer may choose from a multitude of contact styles and rear-end termination designs, including TopFlite’s Integrated Termination Tail (ITT) to negate the need for backshell hardware. Crimp-style contacts can be installed and removed with standard industry tooling. Ask your TopFlite sales representative about adding TopFlite’s stainless steel termination bands (which use standard industry tooling for installation) and/or backshell hardware to couple with your connector purchase.

Micro-Miniature Circular connector is a lightweight option for mil-spec performance that can withstand harsh environments that require smaller, faster, stronger connectors for mission critical applications such as armored vehicles, data acquisition equipment, airplanes, helicopters, avionics systems, missiles, and drones.