TopFlite provides its customers with in depth engineering support through all project phases and also provides contract engineering services. We carefully consider all aspects of your specific requirements including materials, plating, manufacturing and cost to provide the highest quality, most cost effective solutions.

Connector Engineering

Our engineering team can open native files built in:

  • Autodesk Inventor
  • Solidworks
  • AutoCad
  • Unigraphics NX6 files

We have the ability to open the following file types/extensions:

  • *.iam
  • *.idw
  • *.ipt
  • *.ipn
  • *.ide
  • *.CATPart
  • *.CATProduct
  • *.sldprt
  • *.dwg
  • *.dxf
  • *.dwf
  • *.dwfx
  • *.prt*
  • *.prt
  • *.asm*
  • *.asm
  • *.stp
  • *.ste
  • *.step
  • *.igs
  • *.ige
  • *.iges
  • *.sldasm
  • . . . and others

Our engineers have the ability and knowlege to support interconnect solutions for these programs – Infantry Squad Vehicle, NETT Warrior (ERCA), (ABRAMS), (MFoCS), (AMPV), (JLTV), (RCVS), (AFATDS), (AMDPCS), (CH-47F), (AMPV), (M-TADS/PNVS), (AH-64), (OMFV), (MPVF), (MMPV), (VMMD), (DCGS-A), (CRS-(I)), (HIMARS), (T2C2), (DAPS), (MTRS INC II), (APNT), (TNT–ATH), (S-MET), (AIAMD), (ATACMS), (MLRS), (PrSM), (AARGM), (C4ISR), (C5ISR), (AWACS), (HH-VDL), (ADACS).