New 2022 TopFlite Catalog Press Release



New 2022 TopFlite Catalog Press Release




TopFlite Components

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TopFlite Components 2022 Catalog Release




Dateline: [Miami, Florida, 8/3/2022] – TopFlite is proud to announce the launch of its completely new product catalog. The new catalog was released on August 3rd, 2022, and can be requested by calling 800-219-2601 or downloaded from our website The new catalog content includes our full line of electrical connectors including the M&M connector™ series. PCB mount connectors, 38999 series I-IV, Double Flange 38999, MDC series™ (83513 rectangular), Filter Connectors, 22992 series, 5015 series, 26482 series and ITT (Integrated Termination Tail) option for improved electrical performance and reduced BOM requirements. TopFlite now manufactures a full line of circular and rectangular back shells with new content for M&M series™ (micro-miniature circular) back shells in straight, 45- & 90-degree configurations, the space saving Short Stuff™ circular end bell line and THDHE series ™ end bell that supports connector series with no rear accessory threads. Also included are TopFlite’s complete offering of protective covers with new content for the M&M series™ (micro miniature circular) in aluminum, stainless steel, composite, and rubber material to support a multitude of program applications. TopFlite has increased our overall product offerings to support our customers as the go to interconnect supplier partner. With these new product options our customers have the ability to choose from standard or customized interconnect options to support their specific applications. At TopFlite, “custom is our standard”




About TopFlite Components,

TopFlite Components is a vertically integrated manufacturer of electrical interconnect products including electrical connectors, endbells, molding and shrink boot adapters, protective covers, connector accessories and shield termination products. Our laser focus attention on AS9100 certified quality, on time delivery and competitive pricing has been at the cornerstone of our success. To find out more, visit us at or 800-219-2601